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Employee Work Culture (EWC)


Seeking, Selecting, Attracting, Placing and Hiring are the fundamental steps to completing a job hire.  Understanding the company culture enables us to place a candidate best suited to your environment. We query the potential employee, not only on his/her academic/work credentials etc. but also their personality qualities. A strong EWC connection has a positive impact.


Seeking the Candidate(s)


We scour and scrutinize our graduate directory and our international agents to prepare a preliminary list fitting all aspects of your job requirements – identifying ‘best-in-class’ talent.


Selecting the Candidate


Having short listed most qualified applicants, we identify the best match for your company.


Attracting the Candidate(s)


We offer the candidate thorough information regarding the company, job position, the country/city and prequalifying steps to be taken for immigration and settlement requirements. Our duty is to make the transition as seamless as possible.     we package and sell the chance to work for your organization.


Placing the Candidate(s)


CIHFS R&P Inc leaves nothing to chance. Skill does not guarantee performance. We identify the people who aspire to succeed and perform at a high level. You get our best!.  Then we make sure they fit into your company environment and culture.


Hiring the Candidate(s)


Our job isn’t done until your new employee’s first day at work. From flights to medicals we’re with you every step of the way.

Talent Mindset Our Mutual Goal


Do you know top talent when you see it?


Knowing the difference between a person’s skill and what they are willing to do is the definition of a talent mind set……. It’s immersing people in their true essence.
Your player ‘A’ might be your competitors Player ‘B’ .  



It’s all about fitting in! When people with similar beliefs come together great things happen. Only talent isn’t enough. Your company has a talent mindset when talent feels supported and cultured and there is no limit to human ingenuity.

You know you have a great team when people surpass even their own expectations. Everyone should have the chance to be remarkable. At CIHFS R&P Inc we strive to connect great people with great companies, allowing everyone the opportunity to thrive.


Companies with a talent mindset out-perform their competitors every time.


Canada Footprints


From East to West we are the Best Solutions for your employment needs!


From mass recruitment and contract placements to training and HR consulting, we assist organizations, business and industry, universities and colleges to manage their talent needs throughout Canada. With offices in Vancouver, Toronto and Halifax, we are covering employment requirements from coast to coast..

Our mandate is to employ the power of India’s enormous talent pool and address the ongoing needs of a young and developing Canadian economy. Our focus is on the burgeoning market opportunities which exist between these two countries.

We train, recruit and place people in all phases of in-demand trades to include but not limited to  Office Management,  Data Security Management, Computer Programming & Web Designing, Hospitality and Tourism, Construction (Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry,  Air Conditioning, Welding, Machinists) Farming and Agriculture, Long Haul Truck Drivers, Maintenance, Housekeeping, Front Office Management, Early Childhood Education, Live-In-Caregivers, Culinary Arts

Our network extends from India to Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Georgia. Call us today to discuss your employment needs or career development with an experienced professional.