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  • We provide professional Career Counselling for Canada, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, U.S.A.
  • We assess candidate’s qualifications for Career Counselling in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, U.S.A, Europe, China & Georgia.
  • We provide the candidate full information, main duties and responsibilities of his/her profession published by the government, in order to assist candidate to obtain reference letters from present and previous employers.
  • Your application will be prepared by our experienced Career Counselling specialists who would be a LAWYER who is a member of BAR COUNCIL or by an ASSOCIATE IMMIGRATION CONSULTANT who is memeber of ICCRC and they will make it sure that it is filled out properly with all pertinent information and supported by all necessary documents required by the IMMIGRATION AUTHORITIES.
  • We provide airport pickup, arranging hostel, guidance as to how to rent a house, opening bank a/c etc. Legitimate Requisite documents will have to be provided by the candidate.
  • We help in fixing your appointment with the designated medical officer in order to get your medical done without any hassle.
  • We provide candidate with a list of companies and agencies that he/she could search for a job online to submit his/her resume (CV).
  • We guide the candidate in preparing, submitting and providing applications and other information regarding the informal assessment for Career Counselling purposes, if candidate’s education/profession is regulated and needs to be assessed by a professional body (such as Engineering degree, Technologist or Technician, etc., if applicable).
  • General information about government in Canada—NZ—UK—AUS., education, employment opportunities and health. Your rights and responsibilities in all these countries, and information about buying or renting a house, etc.

CIHFS makes every effort to ensure a streamlined transition, settlement and assimilation into the candidates’s new country.