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Connecting top Talent with top Companies


CIHFS R&P Inc has been matching its certified and experienced talent pool with local and multinational companies worldwide, since our inception in 2004.

Our Mission is to provide our client companies and job candidates with the best suited, the optimal opportunities and the appropriate timing, to ensure a perfect employer/employee fit.

Our focus as an international recruitment agency is always on finding the perfect match for our clients and candidates.

CIHFS R&P Inc works hand-in-glove in our candidate selection process with our client companies, both locally and abroad. Top performance comes from those who are inspired by their work. Optimal bottom line results come from those companies who create a culture where employees feel part of the team.  We strive to create this win/win scenario in our coupling procedures.

A job search can be laborious and time consuming. Why not let the experts do it! CIHFS R&P Inc’s worldwide coverage and solid track record sourcing hard to find talent for all industries is your answer.

Since 2004, we have been successfully placing both nationals and expatriates across the globe in every in-demand trade and industry. But we don’t stop there! Each candidate is prequalified before being presented to a potential employer. AND an ongoing collaboration between CIHFS R&P Inc and client companies is meticulously maintained. We take our role personally!

Employee Placement Strategy

In these changing times and market fluctuations, the need for talented and experienced workers grows ever more demanding. Striking a balance between local and global recruitment can be a conundrum. Worker shortages, business expansion stymied and diminished exports have created a compromised economy in many developed countries; therefore our hunt must become more solution focused. The need to attract and retain foreign workers to the west is an increasing necessity.

INDIA – Solution based Recruitment


Overseas Education Development has already played a major role in placing India as a leader in the Information Age. Indians are at the cutting edge of knowledge, are competitive, innovative, educated, creative and enterprising.  India has the numbers. The power of people in India is enormous.

In 2004, Canadian Institute for Health and Food Science (CIHFS)  and the Canadian Institute for Vocational Courses (CIVC)  were established under the auspices of Mr Darshan Singh Khaira – a Visionary, who could see the potential for a worldwide Indian workforce pool.    CIHFS and CIVC are unique institutes, which guarantee international level learning/training experience for students

Since the beginning, our two institutes have passed out thousands of graduates employed both in India and abroad. The institutes continue to produce qualified, experienced and talented individuals across all industry segments. We are proud of and we stand behind the calibre of our trained workforce.

Talent Search : The Process


It’s obvious to companies that they need the right person for the right slot but may not know or may not have the time and resources to do it. Let us be the How!

In a Solution based Dialogue CIHFS R&P Inc  clearly defines outcomes and deliverables for a job post,  as it fits into the greater goals of the organization.