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TEAM OF Data Security Specialists


We are in the process of building a very strong, knowledgeable and highly experienced TEAM OF Data Security Specialists. The members of this elite team may be coming from world’s top ten companies, as and when it’s completed we will upload it on our website.
CIHFS will jump into a new field of providing companies operating in Maritime Provinces particularly Nova Scotia to Ontario and till west coast, British Columbia, a seamless data security service- beyond their thinking.


27.4 % net increase in annual average data security breach.


Maintain security and privacy with cross-border data protection.


Stay ahead of attacks with risk management solutions.


Did you know that in today’s global digital world, cross-border data flows have grown 45X since 2005, and are projected to grow an additional 9X larger by 2020? For most enterprises, securing all those data flows is tricky business:


Learn why a cross-border data privacy strategy should be an essential part of your security planning.


Your business livelihood depends on how effectively you can maintain compliance, optimize risk management and use root cause analysis to detect threats.

How can you stay a step ahead of a data breach?




We will be Your Planning and Training Partner.


Stay with us!