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We are registered as ” CIHFS Canada Recruitment & Placement Inc. “. But operating under the name ” Global Investment Consultancy Services Inc. ”

Darshan Singh Khaira
Founder & Chairman
Global Investment Consultancy Services Inc.

In 2004 Darshan Singh Khaira – a Visionary- had a dream of overseas education and placement . On his many international travels he experienced first-hand knowledge of worker shortages, business expansion stagnancy and diminished exports in many developed countries, creating a compromised economy. He realized the need to attract, train and retain foreign workers as an increasing necessity. India had the numbers to fill this void. Mr Khaira could see the potential for a worldwide Indian workforce pool.

CIHFS a unique institute guaranteeing international level learning/training experience for Indian students and workforce was born.

Overseas education development was already playing a major role in placing India as a leader in the Information Age. He also realized in 2004 the need of cyber security rising from the horizons, Indians were at the cutting edge of knowledge, competitive, innovative, educated, creative and enterprising, so is Mr. Khaira.

While being in India he spread his wings to Aus and NZ in the east and Georgia in Eastern Europe, Canada, USA  in the west.

Having sole proprietorship of CIHFS and CIVC Chandigarh, India, he has partnership in Hi Tech Institute of Skill Development, Vancouver, CIHFS Global Recruitment & Placement, Surrey BC, Canada, Griffin College In Brisbane, Australia.

He has a vast experience of four years of working as a Member senate, Punjabi University Patiala, Punjab, India.

Mr Khaira has a Masters degree in Commerce (Economics) and is a Vice President of India-Canada Business Strategic Foundation Vancouver , Canada.